Role of 3D Printing in the Expansion of IoT Startups

With 3D printing comes the possibility of obtaining digital copies of objects, or even create new objects digitally. This has redefined the way products are being designed and manufactured. In the past years, 3D printing technology has expanded and has reached other classes of users. From small and medium-sized businesses to startup groups, and even to the garages of some citizens, 3D printing is helping make imagination a reality.

There is a favourable technological environment for the expansion of an economy based on 3D printing and manufacturing. The ease of digitising products, the existence of new open formats of digital representation and new low-cost production machines are the determining factors of this phenomenon, especially when it comes to IoT startups and their growth chart.

3D printing has made expansion of IoT startups possible, in less time. There are abundance of information and technical support in the network, the establishment of communities of people around these practices and the possibility that, in the near future, these actions may be even more lucrative.

Once companies are ready with their electronics module, Morphedo helps its customers from the IoT industry access customised enclosures which are designed to house very component of their electronics element perfectly. Designs are made keeping in mind the target audience and final placement of the device. We give you 2-3 iterations of design suiting your requirement before you can finalise and approve on a certain design. We can design from scratch or also take it from the design references that you provide to us. While we are designing, companies are kept aware of the design progress, so that they can suggest iterations and they can be incorporated early on to save a lot on time and cost.

The customised enclosure designed can then be 3d printed, brought to life in just 1-2 days to; give you a touch and feel of the product, to do trial and testing in the real environment, to get product feedback from the concerned stakeholders ( Customers, investors or tother decision makers). Basis on the observation and feedback, quick iterations can be made to the design and the second version can be further produced with 3d printing. All this can be achieved within 2-3 days without having to spend much. This was never with traditional manufacturing ways.

3d printing gives the benefit of achieving exceptionally fast turn around time. It also saves you from a lot of wastage that would have come if there was a compulsion minimum order quantity, during your new product development and trial phase.

Morphedo and 3d printing together makes it possible for IoT startups to go to market fast with good looking small batches of production with low investment and less time for their market trial. Till the demand for the device picks up, companies can also opt for just in time production for enclosures which again saves them from a lot of holding cost and other opportunity costs.

All of these activities eventually enhance visual appearance the product that you are creating and makes it more attractive to customers and makes the device a success in the real time environment. 3D printing solves problems that were previously impossible to attack. In addition, it opens the door to the possibility of thinking outside the box. This is why startups is be one of the sectors most benefiting from 3D printing and product design. Here is a list of advantages that can help you take the right decision in the field of 3D printing:

– Facilitates the journey from theory to practical; from the digital file to the object in a few steps.

– It makes possible the creation of unique, personalised designs at a low cost.

– The growth of sustainability and economy, since there are less waste and more efficient production.

– Facilitates innovation and better product designs.

The use and commercialisation of this technology grow year after year in a consistent way, supported by the variety of applications and low cost of application. 3D printing is gaining an essential role in the IoT industry.

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