Do you recognize exactly how to recognize a polyester webbing and also nylon webbing?

Nylon webbing and also polyester webbing have quite similar appearance yet various characteristics it’s challenging to identify with eyes.

After that just how to recognize the difference between nylon webbing and elastic band skirt polyester webbing? Allow us– Jiangyin Amanda webbing inform you the technique.

First, detach from several warp and weft threads from nylon webbing as well as polyester webbing then mark for them. After that burn per products, enjoying the physical sensations of nylon webbing and also polyester webbing during they are burning, it will assist us to establish the material of warp as well as weft yarns.

Second, be meticulously check out the flame, the melting condition, the odor they emit when melting as well as wrote them.

After shedding to nylon webbing and also polyester webbing, we obtained an record for them as bellow:

Polyester webbing: near fire, bead as well as sore to proceed burning, a little smoke, really weak pleasant taste, hard, round, black or brown.

Nylon webbing: melting as well as reducing near flame, leaking as well as foaming, not straight continual combustion, like celery taste hard, round, light, brown to grey, handmade.

Different products of the webbing, the recognition approach is various, so we suggest that the most effective method is determine according to the actual scenario.

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