Design and Fabrication of Customized Electronics Enclosures

For businesses, success of a new product launch contributes significantly to sales and revenue. For electronics products, excellent functionality needs to be paired up with great design to give it a market acceptance boost.

Many times, the difference between an amazing product design and a not so good one is in the small details. For electronic devices whether it is an IoT based home automation device or a medical device, the product design plays a vital role. Quite a lot depends on the design and the quality of the housing or enclosure of your electronic components; wires, PCB and other relevant materials. Mainly the enclosure is used for protection of vulnerable electrical cables and keeps the user safe from electric shocks. This structure is also implied to safeguard electronic components from dust and dirt, to enhance their durability.

An electronic enclosure is crafted to provide aesthetic value to the device as well as to enhance its functionality. They additionally show ideal possessions that are applicable to control electrical breakdown, power dissipation, and electromagnetic obstruction. Thus, sometimes we need a box of specific dimensions to put an Arduino and a battery or a Raspberry Pi with some peripherals, but we mostly resort to the box that we have more at hand. This is when we forget that factors such as material, stability, size and appearance play an essential role in the choice of electronic enclosures for your project.

We have observed that generally companies and individuals working on new electronic products either search for or pick up/import general standardised enclosures to house the electronics for their device. Now because, the enclosure was not specifically designed according to their needs, it will definitely not do justice to their device.

If you are ready with your electronics components and are looking for an electronic enclosure and it has been impossible to get it, you do not need to search anymore. From our specialised workshop, we design and manufacture all types of plastic cabinets. Our experts in design and manufacturing team will help you select the best technical and economical option for your project, taking into account the operation, maintenance and expansion possibilities.

Why choose Morphedo?
We will manufacture your electrical panels faithfully following the applicable regulations, as well as the possible special rules that are foreseen in the project. Also, we at Morphedo break the age-old idea of bulk order customisation. We do not need orders for a considerable number of unit production, to provide our customers with the customised enclosure of their choice.

During the process of design we make sure that you are completely informed about the progress at each stage of design. First, we complete a 3d plan for you to give you a idea of how the end product will look like. This process is followed to make sure we can prototype the product for you get a touch and feel of the same beforehand so that the product can be tested and measured under real environment.

Also, our delivery times are strict. We carefully study the work before its acceptance to give an adequate and rigorous delivery time. However, above everything, quality is our central premise. All our products undergo a specific quality control study for each project. Once the quality check and other required tests are completed, we start crafting the products for you in batches. Although bulk production is not a necessity, if you want us to give you products in bulk, our team is quite capable of doing the same.

Morphedo will help you at each phase of electronics enclosure development and with extraordinary creativity and design, we additionally give your brand a smart start in the market.

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